Iconapop to start my day!

I had a long day on the 27th of November (Happy Birthday Paula V.! My friend. and my Inaanak Anya baby 🙂 you cute thing! ) with all the birthdays and all the shots and beer. I have lied when i wrote on a note somewhere months ago that i will be clean this year from all the liquor and alcohol and chainsmoking. Anyways, not important. Today is a Monday, and it feels like the first day of the week. Im going back to work on thursday (wow i have a job waiting for me yay) and i have to have icona pop on repeat. im addicted to these three tracks. na na na na na ♪♫

  1. I Love It (I don’t care)
  2. All Night
  3. Girlfriend

Image ImageImageImage




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