#6. Be In Love with Time

I am always tardy.

In kindergarten to middle school, barely get to a class at all! I’m not proud, I’m observing myself.

I really love long sleeps and sleeping late since as a child and now.

I know I am required to arrive early  but I would find it vile being too early. If I’m not tardy, I’m there way too early. Like hours early.  Like I opened the place or something.

I went to really uninspiring schools.

I hope the next time I read this entry I have become a better person. Whose there like a Wizard,like on time. Exactly when she’s needed.


Daily Horoscope (12.07.2013)

Patience is essential today, so make sure that you’re going easy on everyone nearby — especially yourself! It’s easier than ever for you to see things as crises, but skepticism is vital.